From:  Antônio Gomes <>
Date:  24 Sep 2005 00:09:21 Hong Kong Time

Re: about zooming



What do you mean ? Create a NodeFilter from a document.defaultView ? HOW ?

Great. It works ;).

Hmmm.... I don't think we support NodeIterator.  We do support TreeWalker.
That's bad :(. Hummm, what do you thing about getting start to implement this support ? I mean, how hard would be implementing it ? Actually, there are some drafts or attempts of implementation , so if you gimme the initial directions I can try driving it. What do you thing ?

$$ grep -nHR createNodeIterator .

./dom/public/idl/traversal/nsIDOMDocumentTraversal.idl:51:  nsIDOMNodeIterator createNodeIterator(in nsIDOMNode root,

/* nsIDOMNodeIterator createNodeIterator (in nsIDOMNode root, in unsigned long whatToShow, in nsIDOMNodeFilter filter, in boolean entityReferenceExpansion)  raises (DOMException); */

NS_IMETHODIMP nsDOMDocumentTraversal::CreateNodeIterator(nsIDOMNode *root, PRUint32 whatToShow, nsIDOMNodeFilter *filter, PRBool entityReferenceExpansion, nsIDOMNodeIterator **_retval) {]

Binary file ./dist/gre/components/dom_traversal.xpt matches the standart


Antonio Gomes
Nokia Technology Institute