From:  Antônio Gomes <>
Date:  15 Sep 2005 22:44:51 Hong Kong Time

Re: about zooming


>> ** it retrieves (through a recurse method)
> Have you tried using a treewalker or nodeiterator here?  Those might 
> well be a good bit faster in this case...
Hummmm. I've played with treewalker times ago, and for sure it would 
pretty helpful here. But, my thought to speed up the algorithm is the 
following (please, feel free to correct me if I am wrong):

1) during/after finished the loading of a webpage, it is mapped to a DOM 
TREE to be rendered, right ?
2) and the algorithm used for rendering must walk though this dom tree , 
right ?!
3) if so, I would make some changes on it, making good use of this 
walking. Actually, during this walking, I will just compare if the 
current node is relevant for zooming or not. If so, it would be stored 
in a linked list (created by me) for future handling.

This way, I would avoid reading the entire dom every time a zooming has 
began. My list would be enough for this purpose. However there is a 
chance of slowing donw the rendering due to this additional comparison. 
Probably, you misunderstood me because my questions were not well 
formulated. So, here we go again:

** Does my rationale make sense to you ?
** if so, where I can find (in the sourcebase) the algorithm responsible 
for providing this walk-though the main dom tree of a webpage ?
** in the worse case (I am totally wrong), what can I do ?