Date:  09 Aug 2005 11:04:36 Hong Kong Time

What kind of Frame does not own View


Dear friends
I'm reading a PPT namd "Gecko Overview"(get from ) now, it says
not every frame will own its view, even the frame has its geometry size
and position(see page 14 of that ppt).  I'm a little bit wondering that
since the paint method of PresShell will use view as the argument, it
seems that those frames who do not own view will not be rendered. So,
my questions are:
1. Do we need to render the frames do not own view?
2. If the answer of question 1 is NO, so why we need to Reflow them(get
the geometry size and position)? If YES, then how??
3. What kind of Frame does not own View, can anybody give me some
Thanks for your kind help~~~