From:  sveinb <>
Date:  12 Jun 2008 16:58:56 Hong Kong Time

JSEXT version 1.0 is out! (server-side js)


If you haven't heard about jsext, it is one of 23 projects mentioned
on . What makes
this one stand out is the way it connects with underlying libraries
the host: Jsext automatically parses C header files and links to
dynamic libraries to provide direct access to them from JavaScript.
That simplifies module writing _a lot_. For example, the project
includes an SMTP client which supports attachments, international
characters in message and address, multiple recipients, cc, bcc (217
lines + 92 lines of documentation), an FTP client which supports
upload, download, directory listing and more (276 lines), an HTTP
client + server which supports authentication, connection pooling,
scripting, directory listing, caching, static pages, get and post
(2383 lines), a MySQL client (362 lines), an Sqlite client (345
lines), a fastCGI client (471 lines, but that also uses the CGI
handler, 198 lines, and parts of the HTTP server which I already
mentioned) and a SOAP/WSDL import/export module (749 lines). All in
all, 1.5 MB of code, *and that includes SpiderMonkey*. You'll find it
here: The current version only compiles on Linux
(and possibly BSD), and is available as a tarball and .deb package.
Previous versions have been Windows-compatible. Later versions are
likely to be Windows, Linux and OS X-compatible.


Svein Berge