Date:  23 Jun 2007 02:50:33 Hong Kong Time

Wrong XML output in Rhino + E4X


Hello folks,

I am stuck with this code in Rhino 1.6 release 5 2006 11 18:

js> var x = 'John Doe';
js> var y = {x};
js> y

  "John Doe"

As you can see XML output contains unexpected quotes around the
literal 'John Doe'...

It seems Rhino does not correctly handle the self closing tag.
That is if I rewrite the stuff to looks like the following then it
works (note the closing tag '')

js> var x = 'John Doe';
js> var y = {x};
js> y

  John Doe

Am I doing something wrong (i.e. bad syntax)?

Thanks in advance.