Date:  11 Jun 2007 22:27:04 Hong Kong Time

Using Rhino for Javascript --> Java Conversion


I'm looking to convert decent amount of Javascript code to Java so it
can run server-side. I found Phobos and Rhino, and wanted to know if
this is the right approach. Will I be able to, for the most part, just
compile my JS to Java using Rhino and rely on the fact that most
things will work? How to two JS files that depend on each other
interact once compiled to Java? Do I have to change the source any to
work with Rhino? I'm sure I'll have to do some rewriting, but I'm
talking in general. If most things will work out of the box, this
seems like a good solution for me. If I'll be rewriting each script,
it probably won't be as helpful. I'm curious if anyone else out that
has had experience just converting a JS library to Java using Rhino.

Is this a proper use-case for Rhino, or am I stretching it to do
something it wasn't meant to do?

Thanks for any info you can give.