From:  Carlos Barcellos <>
Date:  18 Oct 2006 20:28:31 Hong Kong Time



Hi everyone,

I have a newbie question and could not find any related answer.

This is working:

I'm defining a new function using C, let's say function "myfunc", that 
has a C function associated with it, let's say c_myfunc. When "myfunc" 
is executed thru script, c_myfunc is called.

This is what I wanted:

I would like to know the name of the function that called c_myfunc, in 
this specific case, I would like to retrieve from inside the c_myfunc 
the name "myfunc". I need this because I need to register several script 
functions to just one C function, and then, from there decide what to do.

Any one know if there is a way to retrieve this name from the inside of 
the C function, or even better, if there is a way to pass a user pointer 
to a function and get it back when the C function is called?