From:  "Matt Kruse" <>
Date:  20 Sep 2006 01:10:55 Hong Kong Time

Re: Weird behavoir while using function aliases


VK wrote:
> Not at all. That may be true for some C-like language with pointers
> and an execution cache (a la processor cache). I do not know for sure
> of a such language but a technical possibility is here. For a
> Java-like language without pointers, byRef aliases only slow down the
> execution as the engine gets one more reference to resolve (alias >
> ref > ref > ref instead of ref > ref > ref). The difference is
> fractional, so feel free to use aliases if it improves the code
> readability: but do not expect any serious performance changes.

Wow, after Richard and I have already identified the root problem (the 
environment used to do the test) and in fact posted results showing that the 
aliased function *does* run faster in both IE and FF, you come out with this 
load of crap? Almost everything you've written is wrong. You have no 
understanding of the lookup process used to resolve the function references.

Maybe pictures are easier for you to understand:

Test --> F --> FF --> FFF -->  FFFF  <-- alias

Count the arrows.

> quicklier

What a perfectly cromulant word!

Matt Kruse