From:  "Matt Kruse" <>
Date:  19 Sep 2006 23:58:08 Hong Kong Time

Re: Weird behavoir while using function aliases


Daniel Rucareanu wrote:
> Yes, the test case is complete. Hoever, for testing I was using an
> online environment that evaluates whatever code you write.

Ah, so you weren't just testing the speed of your test case, but also the 
speed of any code wrapped around it to make the "environment" function. 
These are important details not to be left out in the original post ;)

BTW, if you want to do speed tests, take a look at the code in the url I 
posted in a previous message. I wrote the timeIt() function because I was 
tired of manually doing the new Date() thing before and after, and I wanted 
side-by-side comparisons of multiple ways of doing the same task. It's been 
working nicely for me for a while.

One caveat: When testing long-running functions or many iterations, browsers 
will usually pop up the "code is running slow" messages. Disable these in 
your browser before doing speed tests.

Matt Kruse