From:  "Daniel Rucareanu" <>
Date:  19 Sep 2006 23:17:22 Hong Kong Time

Re: Weird behavoir while using function aliases


Yes, the test case is complete. Hoever, for testing I was using an
online environment that evaluates whatever code you write. It suited me
fine until now when I needed just a quick way to test something. It
seems that is has something to do with it. Creating a standalone page
and running it does creates some more plausible results.
Strange that this is the first time the environments in giving me
results other then what a real page would give. If anybody want to run
the test there and to check the result, the url is:
In IE and Opera however, running the test in this environment or
running the standalone page gives the same results...
Now I wonder why 2 persons (whom I don't know) confirmed my first
results... :) What  were they using?


Matt Kruse wrote:
> Richard Cornford wrote:
> > Firefox gives me - alias() - running in about 3/4 of the time
> > that - Test.F.FF.FFF.FFFF() - takes, with your code. Your case is not
> > demonstrated.
> Same here. Are you sure that your posted code is actually your complete test
> case?
> --
> Matt Kruse