From:  "Pavel Rozenblioum" <>
Date:  24 Jul 2006 02:32:36 Hong Kong Time

SpiderMonkey compilation problems


I am trying to compile SpiderMonkey under Windows using Visual C++ 2005
Express Edition. While the compilation works fine the result I am not
too happy with since the resulting jsshell.exe doesn't understand the
simpliest function definitions.
After reading the README I noticed that older versions of MSVC appear
to be needed. So my question is: are there installation instructions
for newer versions of MSVC or, preferably, for gcc -mno-cygwin under
cygwin(I've already found instructions for the regular gcc under
cygwin, but since I am planning to embed SpiderMonkey in a regular
windows app they are of little use to me)?
With Best Regards,
Pavel Rozenblioum