From:  UggsBoots <>
Date:  28 Oct 2010 20:57:58 Hong Kong Time

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The much-talked about boots from Jimmy Choo and UGG Australia is now
available for pre-order! Many people have been waiting to get a
glimpse of the result of these two labels’ collaboration. Well finally
they’re available!
Jimmy Choo’s new UGG collection contains five designs! They are
Starlit, Mandah, Kaia, Sora, and Siobhan. Sound exotic don’t they?
Well they look exotic as well so don’t worry.
Let’s take a look first at the Starlit. As its name goes, this boot
style has star hardware all over it. The suede fringe lining on top
adds style to the whole design. Next stop is the Mandah that contains
numerous gold and silver grommets! These grommets are lined and
patterned for that urban look.
Then there’s the Kaia boot that is made up of attractive zebra-print
lambsuede. Like the Mandah this also contains grommet and dome studs,
but only a moderate amount.