From:  Sven Gaerner <>
Date:  12 Feb 2004 02:59:27 Hong Kong Time

Crash in EmbedPrivate::GetPIDOMWindow



I created a widget which has the GtkMozEmbed widget as parent. This widget is
used in a GtkWindow and works great. When I use this widget within a
GtkNotebook as page with more than one page, my programm crashed if I remove
a page from the notebook. The crash does not appear directly when I remove
the page but a little bit later.

The page is removed with gtk_notebook_remove_page(). There is no special code
I think. ;-)

The backtrace of gdb shows a crash in EmbedPrivate::GetPIDOMWindow. I searched
using Google and but I didn't find a solution or an idea
what causes the crash.

My Mozilla is 1.6 (distributed with Debian SID) and I'm using GTK2 on Linux.

If there is someone who can help me, please let me know. ;-)

Thanks a lot.