From:  Markus Moebs <>
Date:  19 Jan 2004 23:35:08 Hong Kong Time

Fonts after --enable-default-toolkit=gtk and --enable-xft

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Hi all,

First I compiled my Mozilla 1.7 Nightly with:


The fonts in this Mozilla's chrome were just perfect: right size,
wonderfully anti-aliased, sans-serif. But I am a bit annoyed by
the gtk2 Toolkit. It messes up some keybindings and it seems to
have a focus policy different to that of gtk+.

So I compiled another build of the same Mozilla with:


This led to a funny looking Mozilla: The default font for Chrome
is a serif font, that is too small. It is just unreadable.

So I went to userChrome.css and added:

* {font-family: sans-serif;}

Now obviously some of my fonts are broken, because at the first
look everything seemed fine (though still a touch too small), but
at the second look I noticed that the fonts in some parts of the
GUI (e.g. popup dialogue windows) were much too large.

So I went to userChrome.css again and added:

* {font-family: freesans;}

Now the font-sizes in the GUI are in the correct (?) relation
again, but still too small. And I think there is way too much
padding around the menu entries.

I do not want to set font-size in userChrome.css neither generally
(*) nor individually for any imaginable GUI item. Nor do I want
too fool around with the display resolution.

There must be some way to make Mozilla use a proper font by
default. Maybe my gtk+ devel files are misconfigured? Or my
.gtkrc? Thanks for any hints!