Date:  07 Mar 2007 06:11:15 Hong Kong Time

Re: Calling Javascript in ActiveX control embedded in VB6 app


On Mar 7, 8:22 am, "johnmblack"  wrote:
> > [...] I need to be able to call Javascript functions which the app
> > embeds in documents before displaying them in the embedded control -
> > and part of that involves getting results of these functions calls
> > back out.
> I'm not sure what you mean by "Javascript functions which the app
> embeds in documents".  There are javascript functions that your VB6
> app runs before the browser is loaded?  Who is doing the embedding --
> IOW, when you say "the app" do you mean the VB6 code, or the code
> running in the loaded document?

Thanks for the reply john.

Sorry for the very unclear spec ;-)

Basically, say a user of my VB app wants to view a specific HTML
document. They choose the document, and then the VB app makes a
duplicate, and embeds some JS functions into the duplicate, then
displays this document inside the ActiveX control. These functions do
things like return info about the elements clicked, and do various
display tricks highlighting various elements based on user input. A
bit like the web developer extension for Firefox/Mozilla.

Does all that make a bit more sense?