From:  wastedScal <>
Date:  03 Apr 2008 04:41:55 Hong Kong Time

designMode="on" on iframe - event handler on radio/checkbox input type not working. Workaround?


     Hello everyone;
I'm runing into an issue eher and can't find out how to fix it.

I have an iframe inside a page, this iframe has the designMode property 
set to "on".
I assign event handlers to the contentWindow using such script:
myEventHandler, true);

In the myEventHandler function I do:
var ClickedElement =;

This work for many elements that are inside my iframe page (img, span, 
div, h1, etc) but fails for 2 tags (I haven't encounter the problem with 
other element but who knows) which are the radio and checkbox input types.
I tried to set a focus, click, select in the input tag itself but the 
event just isn't being triggered at all.

An example is available here:
I tried many ways to assign a click event handler to the 
radio/checkboxes but I can't get any to work. I also did try to use the 
preventDefault() method of the event but with no luck, maybe I did it a 
wrong way?

Anyway, I'm stuck. I need to be able to know that one of those 2 
elements is clicked/focused/selected in the editor, any idea?