From:  Juhani Tenhunen <>
Date:  18 Dec 2005 15:51:56 Hong Kong Time

Re: Composer


Michael wrote:
> I just read that Mozilla has a web editing tool (Composer) and I've 
> searched and searched and can't locate it (I've downloaded the Mozilla 
> suite) and have been using Firefox for some time.
> Where is it and how can I begin using it?
Do you see the five small logos down under the left end of your Mozilla 
(or SeaMonkey) Mail (or Navigator): From left they are: Navigator, Mail 
(& Newsgroups), COMPOSER (web editor like NVU), Address, and ChatZilla. 
The Compose you use for writing your messages is a little simpler.

Regards, Juhani Tenhunen
Helsinki, Finland