Date:  31 Jul 2005 01:15:12 Hong Kong Time

Re: formatting in composer


Michael Gordon wrote:

> Your Composer window is designed to expand with the text in one
> continuous line if you do not press the Enter Key where you need a line
> break.  The Composer window is called liquid in that it will expand as
> needed.  The browser window will follow the same path.

As Neil pointed out, this is what happens when one uses the
Format->Paragraph-Preformat option and the text happens to
be a long line.  With this option a very long line appears
as one line regardless of the width of the editor/browser.
Instead a scrollbar appears to let one edit/view the contents
of the entire line.

If one uses the Format->Paragraph->Paragraph option then the
text lines are adjusted to fill the width of the editor/browser
window.  If the size of the window is adjusted, the text adjusts
automatically.  That is what I was looking to control.  For
some reason, some of the lines from my cut/pasted text document
has the Paragraph format, while others had the Preformat format.

Thanks for the help.