Date:  31 Jul 2005 01:04:51 Hong Kong Time

Re: formatting in composer


Neil wrote:
> wrote:
> >When I get to the "end" of a line in composer instead of putting the new text on the next line, the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom shows up and the line continues getting longer and longer.  How do I set it so that the scrollbar doesn't show up and it goes to a new line once it reaches the end of a line in the currently-sized window?
> >
> >
> Are you using Preformat paragraph format?

Yes, I think that is what I was using.  I kept playing with
it and finally figured that I needed to change that to get
it to work.

I had created the original by cutting and pasting an ASCII
text file and then formatting things like the font
and adding in bullets.  For some reason, I only had the
paragraph problem mentioned above with the first few lines.

On a related note, an html file created in Composer shows up
perfectly in Firefox/Mozilla but has some formatting
idiosyncracies in MSIE.  Is there any way to get around that?
FWIW, when I create a page from MS Word, it has all kinds
of problems in Firefox.  Is there a browser-neutral html