From:  Michael Gordon <>
Date:  27 Jul 2005 08:33:44 Hong Kong Time

Re: formatting in composer

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>When I get to the "end" of a line in composer instead of
>putting the new text on the next line, the horizontal scrollbar
>at the bottom shows up and the line continues getting longer
>and longer.  How do I set it so that the scrollbar doesn't
>show up and it goes to a new line once it reaches the end
>of a line in the currently-sized window?
Your Composer window is designed to expand with the text in one 
continuous line if you do not press the Enter Key where you need a line 
break.  The Composer window is called liquid in that it will expand as 
needed.  The browser window will follow the same path.

To get your text to automatically create a new line at a predetermined 
place you can create a table with cells to contain your text, when the 
text reaches the right border of the cell it will wrap down to the next 

Another option is to use Layers (the Div Tag) and size the Divide 
according to how long you need the text.  The Div tag also allows you 
the option to place your text anywhere on the page you like, unlike 
tables where you are left with a set of fixed boxes to insert your text.