From:  "Blagovest Dachev" <>
Date:  01 Jul 2005 06:07:41 Hong Kong Time

Re: XUL/XBL Rendering


> However, as of now my test XUL document
> ( renders correctly only in a regular
> frame. The editor seems blind for the XBL bindings and XUL elements. Its
> document only renders correctly HTML tags.

Opps, disregard that. The real URL is: and the real problem is:
1) When serving the document with the correct content-type
(application/vnd.mozilla.xul+xml), the editor renders everything, but
refuses to make the frame editable
2) When serving the document with incorrect content-type, the editor makes
the frame editable, but doesn't render correctly any of the XUL/XBL part.