From:  "Blagovest Dachev" <>
Date:  01 Jul 2005 04:27:53 Hong Kong Time

XUL/XBL Rendering


I'm working on a project for the Google Summer of Code. My task is to
develop an ASP.NET GUI designer for Mono which will need to incorporate all
the basics for visual editing. The editor will be embedded in MonoDevelop
through Gecko#.
My take on the implementation right now is to load an XUL document
containing  into Gecko#, define XBL bindings for custom tags (e.g.
ASP's asp:image, asp:label, and so forth) and then use those in the document
contained by the editor.
However, as of now my test XUL document
( renders correctly only in a regular
frame. The editor seems blind for the XBL bindings and XUL elements. Its
document only renders correctly HTML tags. What I'm looking for right now is
just the editor to render XUL.
On a slightly different note, what do you think about my approach in
general? Am I on the right way, and if not what do you suggest?