From:  Daniel Glazman <>
Date:  29 Jun 2005 16:24:56 Hong Kong Time

Nvu 1.0 is now available


I am immensely happy to report that Nvu 1.0 went live an hour ago. As usual,
it's available from the official site [1] or the official mirror [2] for
Windows, Mac, Linspire5, FC3, linux 2.6.10, and for the first time Mandriva.
Nvu broke the 500,000 users limit with version 1.0PR, and we expect even better
results for this 1.0. A Press Release should be issued later today, helping
spread the word.

Don't worry, this is not the end of the road for Nvu. It's alive, and well
alive. The immediate future for Nvu is summer vacations  :-)  After that, ie at
the beginning of August, I'll work only on the backport to Mozilla. There will
be no 1.1 before all patches are in

I'd like to thank (a) Linspire Inc., Michael Robertson, Kevin Carmony, Tom
Welch, Ingolfur Haraldsson, Jeremy Norris, Brian Thomason, Sharon Holmes, Mark
Sepeda, Georgi Damyanov and the whole team because they made Nvu possible; my
old dream of a standalone web editor based on Gecko became true today. (b) the
whole Mozilla community for the support and help, and in particular the people
listed in the Credits section of the About dialog. *Major* thanks to Benjamin
Smedberg who always replied "yes, sure" when I pinged him for help and whose
help was just invaluable to Nvu, and to Olivier Gambier who hosts the official
mirror (c) the localization teams, who did an incredible job in only a few
days; guys, you rock (d) Beth Epperson because nothing would have ever happened
without her (e) the former Netscape Editor team, the success of Nvu 1.0 is
their success too, Nvu being a minor work compared to what they achieved.

Finally, I'd like to remind people around Paris (France) that we are going to
celebrate Nvu 1.0 wednesday 8:30pm at Café Zéphyr, 12 bd Montmartre, in Paris.
Something very informal. Nvu polo shirts and all Mozilla polos/t-shirts/caps
highly welcome!

Did I learn something with this project? Yes, I did: never celebrate with a
drink close to your laptop's keyboard:-) Three drops of beer killed mine

/* Enjoy! */


Daniel Glazman, CEO @ Disruptive Innovations SARL
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