From:  Daniel Glazman <>
Date:  15 Apr 2005 17:35:35 Hong Kong Time

Nvu 1.0 Preview Release


The title says it all and it's available from there:

Mirror available at

Change Log

     * Connection settings were not saving proxy ports.
     * changes in About dialog.
     * Inline Spell Checker enabled by default.
     * new dialog allowing to disable the Inline Spell Checker when the user
       switches from Source mode to another Normal/AllTags/Preview.
     * added Charles Cooke's User Guide in Help menu.
     * copy and paste in the source view fixed
     * support for HTML 4.01 Strict and Transitional, XHTML 1.0 Strict and
           o new persistent checkboxes in File > New dialog
           o new prefs in Tools > Preferences > New Page Settings
           o prefs is always honoured, including launch time for the first
             created blank document
           o UI elements not allowed by the DTD of the current document are
     * new Help contents, contributed by KDS Sahambi
     * small toolbar icons by default
     * Font Face dropdown menu moved to second format toolbar to keep a compact
     * PHP and comments now hidden when located between table cells/rows/etc, ie
       in places where visibility would break the table layout.
     * it was impossible to remove a form element from the Form dialog.
     * on linux, dropping a file on the source view inserted an image or a link
       in the source
     * default theme's icon and preview were not displayed
     * it was impossible to revert to default theme
     * fixed 0.90 regression from 0.81: it was impossible to launch nvu 
     * a lot of minor bug fixes

Known problems

     * in XHTML documents, Nvu 1.0PR serializes empty script (for external
       scripts) in the form