From:  Neil <>
Date:  11 Mar 2005 21:01:16 Hong Kong Time

Re: Odd save behavior - (ot?)


Alex Vaughan wrote:

>I'm using composer to touch up some sites at work, but I have a small gripe.  Each time I save while in source view, it automatically switches to preview.  Thus, every time I save (ie., every 5s), I have to immediately mouse back to source, or Alt-V..H if I'm being quick about it.  Either way, it's annoying.
>I've poked around, but can't find a way to turn this behavior off.  Is it just me?  Any hints, or should I go back to Notepad?
Composer validates your HTML before saving it. A side effect of this is 
that it destroys the source you were just editing, which is why you need 
to switch back so that it will recreate it.

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