From:  Jim Booth <>
Date:  12 Feb 2005 02:04:38 Hong Kong Time

Re: Mozilla Composer as default html editor


On 1/8/2005 2:27 PM, M Cowperthwaite wrote:
> Alec wrote:
>> Im using Windows XP Pro and Mozilla suite 1.8a5
>> Matter in question is quick access to Mozilla Composer.
>> Currently to start Composer I need to launch Mail or Browser first, 
>> and  then use Component bar or Ctrl+Shift+N.
>> How to make a shortcut for starting Composer directly, like Mozilla  
>> Browser or Mozilla Mail. Or to make Comoser default html editor to 
>> start  it from right-click menu on html file (like notepad or FrontPage)
>> I believe Nvu can do that, but Nvu is too clustered and has lost the  
>> simplicity of Composer.
>> basically I need a command like  "mozilla.exe" -mail  but for composer.
>  mozilla.exe -edit
This stopped working in Windows a couple of months ago. See 
Bugzilla Bug 272144

Mike, maybe we could get this fixed?