From:  Anonymous <>
Date:  25 Jan 2005 01:51:23 Hong Kong Time

Publish doesn't auto-make subfolders at the ISP?


I have one issue, and a friend reports another to me...

Are these known issues that will be eventually dealt with? They are very 
frustrating and I'm surprised they're still in the code... Both of us 
are using the Mac OS X platform by the way.

From my friend:

The default for MODIFIED links in Netscape Composer is to NOT check the 
box for "URL is relative to page location."  It's the default for newly 
created links, though.

And my issue:

Very annoying limitation with Composer... the PUBLISH feature can't 
auto-make sub-folders at the remote site! All your files end up at the 
same folder level at your ISP... which is fine for a silly little kid's 
website, but unmanageable for a more advanced website.

The HTML files up on the ISP bear no resemblance to the HTML files saved 
on my hard drive 'cause COMPOSER rewrites the HTML code on the fly 
during the PUBLISH sequence so that it can get away with shoving ALL THE 
FILES into just one directory level.

This seems like such a basic thing... very annoying... Is there some 
easy workaround?