From:  user@domain.invalid
Date:  24 Jan 2005 22:32:51 Hong Kong Time

Re: Launch an alternate editor from Mozilla


If you use Firefox, you can install an extension called Launchy, which 
will enable you to open the current page in a number of different 
editors.  There are a few provided by default and you can add youur own 
(say NVu) with a simple xml file.

Dick and Jill Miller wrote:
> Can an alernate editor be launched by Mozilla?  Say, Nvu instead of 
> Composer?
> An apparent way to do it is described in this Dec. 2003 webpage:
> In it, I find these two new command lines should be added to Mozilla's 
> pref.js (or user.js) file:
> editor.html_editor - Location of outside HTML editor (blank for none)
> and
> editor.use_html_editor
> Use an outside HTML editor (defined in editor.html_editor)
>     * 0 : No
>     * 1 : Yes
> One of my various attempts (using WinXP Home, Moz 1.8.a5 and NVu 0.60) 
> inserts these lines (and comment lines) into my user.js file, like this:
> // editor.html_editor = Location of alt. HTML editor (blank for none):
> user_pref("editor.html_editor",    "C:\\Progra~1\\Nvu\\nvu.exe");
> // AND, editor.use_html_editor = Use an outside HTML editor (defined in
> // editor.html_editor), where 0 = No or 1 = Yes;
> user_pref("editor.use_html_editor",    1);
> But when I try this, a click on Edit, Page Edit still launches Mozilla's 
> Composer, not Nvu.  Has anyone had better luck, or can anyone offer 
> useful tips?
> --Dick