From:  "Frederico Caldeira Knabben" <>
Date:  23 Jan 2005 08:52:00 Hong Kong Time

Midas & -moz-binding... and more



I'm FredCK, the developer of FCKeditor, a HTML editor
( compatible with Gecko and IE.

I'm working now on a new version. The actual version has a few performance
issues, mainly over Gecko. While searching for solutions for it, I decided
to use IE behaviors and Mozilla Bindings to do some operations. It is
working well over IE... but unfortunatelly over Firefox it's not.

One sample binding is an "Anchor" icon that is shown for anchors links.

My bindings are working really well on non editable pages, but when
"designMode=on", it seams that the bindings are been ignored at all.

It was really frustating because IE behaviors are powerfull, but Mozilla
Bindings are even better.

Can someone confirm this problem? Can Bindings be used in Midas?

Thanks in advance,

PS.: Browser support for editing is a key feature for Enterprises to adopt
Firefox. I'm doing my best to make all features of my editor available on
Firefox. This is a wonderfull browser, but it still has to grow up a little,
regarding editing. I'm really interested on helping, so please let me know
what can I do to help ;)