From:  Thomas -Balu- Walter <>
Date:  18 Jan 2005 09:04:07 Hong Kong Time

Re: designMode having problems with newlines?

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Hello Michael,

you got me wrong there.

In article , Michael Gordon wrote:
> In one respect you could consider this a bug, however in another an 
> asset.  In your case it's a minor bug where you have content within a 
> HTML tag, in the case where the author leaves table cells empty it 
> becomes an asset.  The 
tag places something of value inside an > otherwise empty set of HTML tags. > > The only way to remove the extra
tags is to use an external editor, > Mozilla Composer will usually reinsert those tags in empty HTML tag set > when you open the source editor and close the editor. However, if you > use an external editor and remove the excess
tags, even leaving > HTML tag sets empty, Composer will not refill the
tags when in > Compose mode, only when the source editor is closed. It's not
tags I am talking about - it's newlines as in "\n". And the problem is not that those are inserted into empty tags or similar. To test what I am talking about - go to - press "switch rich/source view" - move the cursor behind the closing
- type "abc" This will result in "" with the cursor still sitting behind the closing . Similar result if you try to type something in one of the -tags (while in source view). Even the copy and paste I just tried fails then. I marked and the paste in here wrote "y>