From:  Thomas -Balu- Walter <>
Date:  18 Jan 2005 06:38:28 Hong Kong Time

designMode having problems with newlines?

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I am just playing around with the mozilla editor/designMode
implementation. To do so I've created a small prototype to test the
functionality, etc.

You can find a temporary copy (unclean source) at

The problem I experience seems to be related to newlines in the file
empty.html the edit-iFrame get's loaded with at the beginning.

If you load the page, switch to source view and try to add some content
at the end (or in one of the table cells or similar) the typed
chars are added a few characters to the left of the cursor. 

Removing the newlines from the empty.html avoids this problem.

But is this a bug or a feature? What else might cause this? Is the only
method to avoid this problem the removal of the newlines?