From:  Andrew DeFaria <>
Date:  12 Jan 2005 12:55:36 Hong Kong Time

Re: Bill Gates as he presents the Windows Media Player system crash


Ron Hunter wrote:

> Am I the only one who sees truncated filenames?  Somehow I doubt it.  
> As for screen resolution, this certainly should matter, sinc it 
> governs how many characters one usually displays per line.

Yes but as you could see in my image the filename was only like 15 - 20 
characters. Even at 640x360 I believe you do get 20 characters across! ;-)

> I have never, to my knowledge, clicked on an exe in TB, but will check 
> to see if anything in the options indicates otherwise.
> Nope, nothing in the saved extensions dialog.
> A couple of things did jump out as possiblities, however.  I have 
> minimum font size set to 16, and a non-default set of fonts in use.  I 
> also use the Skypilot theme.  Perhaps some interaction between these 
> factors is causing trouble.

I'd be suspicious of  the theme itself as it's job is to alter the 
appearance of things in the first place.