From:  Ron Hunter <>
Date:  12 Jan 2005 03:09:16 Hong Kong Time

Re: Bill Gates as he presents the Windows Media Player system crash


Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> Ron Hunter wrote:
>> Andrew DeFaria wrote:
>>> Ron Hunter wrote:
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> The movie clip everyone is looking for, Bill Gates as he presents 
>>>>> the Windows Media Player system crash
>>>> Ok, guys.  Here is the living proof that what I said about TB's 
>>>> presentation of file names is DANGEROUS, DANGEROUS, DANGEROUS!  You 
>>>> MIGHT think this is a .mov file, since you can't see the .exe 
>>>> following it.  Maybe if a few of the programmers get a virus from 
>>>> it, they will do as I suggested MONTHS ago and ALWAYS display the 
>>>> FULL NAME of any attachment!
>>> You mean this part:
>>> -- 
>>> Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.
>> Does not appear that way on my system.  What screen resolution are you 
>> using?
> 1600x1200. Why's that important? You seen it in my posted image whatever 
> resolution you were running.
>> The point is: FULL FILENAME should always be displayed!  It is not 
>> most of the time on my system.  This is a security risk, and so easily 
>> corrected.
> My point is that the full filename (not the full pathname mind you but 
> the full filename) is indeed displayed as evidenced by my image and 
> other people have also said likewise. So we should figure out why it's 
> not displaying for you (which seems to be the non-standard case).
> My thought is perhaps you have accepted the action of running an exe 
> when double clicking an attachment from Thunderbird and that has made 
> .exe files as registered thus TB then hides the extension (don't know if 
> you can do this as I have not done this myself).

Am I the only one who sees truncated filenames?  Somehow I doubt it.  As 
for screen resolution, this certainly should matter, sinc it governs how 
many characters one usually displays per line.  I have never, to my 
knowledge, clicked on an exe in TB, but will check to see if anything in 
the options indicates otherwise.

Nope, nothing in the saved extensions dialog.

A couple of things did jump out as possiblities, however.  I have 
minimum font size set to 16, and a non-default set of fonts in use.  I 
also use the Skypilot theme.  Perhaps some interaction between these 
factors is causing trouble.