From:  Andrew DeFaria <>
Date:  12 Jan 2005 00:32:26 Hong Kong Time

Re: Bill Gates as he presents the Windows Media Player system crash


Ron Hunter wrote:

> Andrew DeFaria wrote:
>> Ron Hunter wrote:
>>> wrote:
>>>> The movie clip everyone is looking for, Bill Gates as he presents 
>>>> the Windows Media Player system crash
>>> Ok, guys.  Here is the living proof that what I said about TB's 
>>> presentation of file names is DANGEROUS, DANGEROUS, DANGEROUS!  You 
>>> MIGHT think this is a .mov file, since you can't see the .exe 
>>> following it.  Maybe if a few of the programmers get a virus from 
>>> it, they will do as I suggested MONTHS ago and ALWAYS display the 
>>> FULL NAME of any attachment!
>> You mean this part:
>> -- 
>> Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.
> Does not appear that way on my system.  What screen resolution are you 
> using?

1600x1200. Why's that important? You seen it in my posted image whatever 
resolution you were running.

> The point is: FULL FILENAME should always be displayed!  It is not 
> most of the time on my system.  This is a security risk, and so easily 
> corrected.

My point is that the full filename (not the full pathname mind you but 
the full filename) is indeed displayed as evidenced by my image and 
other people have also said likewise. So we should figure out why it's 
not displaying for you (which seems to be the non-standard case).

My thought is perhaps you have accepted the action of running an exe 
when double clicking an attachment from Thunderbird and that has made 
.exe files as registered thus TB then hides the extension (don't know if 
you can do this as I have not done this myself).