From:  Michael Gordon <>
Date:  09 Jan 2005 03:32:46 Hong Kong Time

Re: Mozilla Composer as default html editor


Alec wrote:

> Im using Windows XP Pro and Mozilla suite 1.8a5
> Matter in question is quick access to Mozilla Composer.
> Currently to start Composer I need to launch Mail or Browser first, 
> and  then use Component bar or Ctrl+Shift+N.
> How to make a shortcut for starting Composer directly, like Mozilla  
> Browser or Mozilla Mail. Or to make Comoser default html editor to 
> start  it from right-click menu on html file (like notepad or FrontPage)
> I believe Nvu can do that, but Nvu is too clustered and has lost the  
> simplicity of Composer.
> basically I need a command like  "mozilla.exe" -mail  but for composer.
> Thanks in advance
> Alec

Hello Alec,

You should have a shortcut on your desktop for Mozilla.

Copy and paste the current shortcut on your desktop as a second shortcut. 

Rename the shortcut to Mozilla Composer. 

Right click the new shortcut and select Properties.

On the Command Line to open Mozilla, just after the last double quote 
insert one blank space followed by -edit.

Your modified command line should look similar to the following:
"C:\Program Files\\Mozilla\mozilla.exe" -edit