From:  Dick and Jill Miller <>
Date:  03 Jan 2005 00:39:20 Hong Kong Time

Launch an alternate editor from Mozilla


Can an alernate editor be launched by Mozilla?  Say, Nvu instead of 

An apparent way to do it is described in this Dec. 2003 webpage:

In it, I find these two new command lines should be added to Mozilla's 
pref.js (or user.js) file:
editor.html_editor - Location of outside HTML editor (blank for none)
Use an outside HTML editor (defined in editor.html_editor)
     * 0 : No
     * 1 : Yes

One of my various attempts (using WinXP Home, Moz 1.8.a5 and NVu 0.60) 
inserts these lines (and comment lines) into my user.js file, like this:
// editor.html_editor = Location of alt. HTML editor (blank for none):
user_pref("editor.html_editor",	"C:\\Progra~1\\Nvu\\nvu.exe");
// AND, editor.use_html_editor = Use an outside HTML editor (defined in
// editor.html_editor), where 0 = No or 1 = Yes;
user_pref("editor.use_html_editor",	1);

But when I try this, a click on Edit, Page Edit still launches Mozilla's 
Composer, not Nvu.  Has anyone had better luck, or can anyone offer 
useful tips?