From:  "glob" <>
Date:  30 Dec 2004 01:51:15 Hong Kong Time

Re: HELP? Composer Problematic Mozilla/Nvu/Netscape


"glob"  wrote in message
> > Watch out for Composer. It will actively sabotage your work by inserting
> > unwanted HTML code that will redirect links to your hard drive. (This
> > affects images and hyperlinks). Not only that, the Web pages will look
> > just fine when you view them on your computer because the links were
> > redirected to the material on your own hard drive.
> >
> > If I could find an alternative to Composer, I would use it. It is a
> > pleasure to work with when it works properly but it is treacherous and
> > unrelaible.
> >
> > --Bill
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> Hi,
>   I'm having the exact same problems with composer. Mozilla, NVU, and
> Netscape composers are problematic.  Eats code and inserts strange code.
> If you copy and paste an image in the same table, the path will come up
> file:///image.gif instead of original /image.gif.
>   It also chews up my links, cutting off the
> and leaves me with only file.htm.htm
>   Worst of all, it comes up with "done with errors" messages using
> and then I have to dig and find a backup and start all over again.
>   It also is inserting several odd characters into the code, exclamations
> (") and extra ".htm" on filenames.
>   Also, it' chopped off my page titles, leaving me with 1/3 of the
> text in the title.
> HELP ????????????????
> blog

I've noted that these problems seemed to have disappeared when all working
files are in the same folder.  In my case, I had to copy the main template
into all folders, therefore all file/saves are in the same folder, thus no
bungled Netscape reformatting occurs.