From:  Russ Hunt <>
Date:  29 Dec 2004 11:16:39 Hong Kong Time

Re: HELP? Composer Problematic Mozilla/Nvu/Netscape


I'm no defender of Composer (well, not since 4.7, which is the last 
HTML editor I remember liking), but this isn't really a problem.

  "glob"  wrote:
> Watch out for Composer. It will actively sabotage your work by 
> inserting unwanted HTML code that will redirect links to your hard 
> drive. (This affects images and hyperlinks). Not only that, the Web 
> pages will look just fine when you view them on your computer because 
> the links were redirected to the material on your own hard drive.

There are ways around this in the Preferences menu. There are still 
other problems there _isn't_ any way around, but most of them can be 
solved by using Netscape 4.7 for basic editing. Netscape 7.1, Mozilla, 
and Nvu are all unfortunate mistakes: why they need to keep changing 
my code on me I don't know.

-- Russ

Russell Hunt
Department of English
St. Thomas University