From:  Henri Sivonen <>
Date:  21 Dec 2004 22:43:48 Hong Kong Time

Re: Which Composer? Netscape, NVU, Mozilla, or Open Office?


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 Lars Behrens  wrote:

> Henri Sivonen wrote:
> > Actually, the HTML markup produced by OOo Writer/Web is exceptionally
> > sane (often cleaner than the markup produced by Nvu/Composer) if you
> > don't edit styles in OOo but add a style sheet later.
> But what's the use of a wysiwyg editor then? ;-)

I don't use it as a "WYSIWYG" editor (problematic concept considering 
the Web). I use it as an editor that allows me to write lightly 
structured (headings, paragraphs, lists) documents without having to 
type tags.

> And how do I put the style markup in?

Using your favorite text editor or a small script.

> A short test showed that OOo writes the source in all uppercase letters 

That's OK.

> and still makes use of  and  tags.

If you ask for bold or italics,  and  are the most 
appropriate markup. If you want generic emphasis, ask for generic 
emphasis, which is supported as well.  
instead of  is silly.

> Don't want to start a flame war here, but still I would say, that someone
> with few or no knowledge of web coding is better off with nvu.

Their paragraphs won't be. Hopefully this area will be improved as the 
development of Nvu goes on. Also, I don't like tho way Nvu sprinkles 
style='...' all over if you are not careful.

I use Nvu for retouching existing pages, because Nvu doesn't mess 
everything up in that case like OOo does.

Henri Sivonen
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