From:  Lars Behrens <>
Date:  21 Dec 2004 16:12:53 Hong Kong Time

Re: Which Composer? Netscape, NVU, Mozilla, or Open Office?

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Henri Sivonen wrote:

> Actually, the HTML markup produced by OOo Writer/Web is exceptionally
> sane (often cleaner than the markup produced by Nvu/Composer) if you
> don't edit styles in OOo but add a style sheet later.

But what's the use of a wysiwyg editor then? ;-) And how do I put the style
markup in?

A short test showed that OOo writes the source in all uppercase letters  and
still makes use of  and  tags.

Don't want to start a flame war here, but still I would say, that someone
with few or no knowledge of web coding is better off with nvu.

Cheerz Lars