From:  "av7x" <>
Date:  07 Dec 2004 09:47:16 Hong Kong Time

Re: New on Mozilla. Help re editor.


If it's not doing anything at all, are you sure that the file is not bad,
huge, or incompatible.

You might try saving someone's web page, open it up, ,and then see if you
can modify or edit that one instead.

Look at this one, then see if you can save and open, to modify this one


"Neil"  wrote in message
> Rhythm & Reason wrote:
> > Hi there, I'm having trouble working out how to edit code I can view
> > the source but can't seem to edit it. This probably sounds stupid but
> > I've just come from IE and I really hate using anything Microsoft at
> > the moment and would prefer to use Mozilla if possible. Can anyone
> > help please?
> FireFox doesn't have an editing facility. Either download NVu or use the
> Suite.
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