From:  Peter Lairo <"Peter[AT]Lairo[DOT]com">
Date:  04 Dec 2004 22:30:23 Hong Kong Time

Re: NVU 0.60 is out


Georg MaaƟ said on 04.12.2004 14:50:
> Peter Lairo wrote:
>> Go get it:
> What does NVU do, that Mozilla composer does not do? I did not detect 
> any advantage? It seams to just look different. And installing 
> dictionaries does not work.With Mozilla this works well. So what is the 
> advantage of NVU over Mozilla composer?

It is FAR more developed 8fater, stable, features) than composer. One 
cool thing for me is that slected text stays selected when switching 
between preview and HTML code view. Also, the "site manager" is pretty 
decent (if it worked for me). ;)


Peter Lairo

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