From:  Vera Herzog <>
Date:  22 Nov 2004 14:42:25 Hong Kong Time

Re: NVU 0.50 is out

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Yes, and it is fine in German :-)

Thanks for translating this fine Editor, that I will support with making 
it publicity on my sites, if I am ready worked on them with it in the 
future :-).

Nvu is right the editor, I have searched for the last several weeks in 
the internet without success under the known addresses e.g. 
"" etc. It gives me the features I have missed in Composer 
and work well on my PC - a little fast editor - without the heavy 
features I get from Frontpage, but don't need for my homepage :-)

I am very glad, that I have found it in this newsgroup, and that it work 
well under my WinXP SP2 (with very, very little bugs - nothing serious - 
in the interface)

I hope, I can use this editor in the future also under WinXP, although 
it is developed for Linux.

Thanks a lot to the programmers and translators for their time :-)

Well, I am going to continue learn more about CSS (have not maked a 
homepage for several years).



Thorsten Fritz schrieb:
> And it is also available in german
> Peter Lairo schrieb:
>> Go get it:
>> Daniel says in his blog (
>> "I guess the title says it all... Sorry it took so long. You can get 
>> Nvu 0.50 from its  or from my . If you 
>> want to build Nvu 0.50,  is the document you are looking for.
>> Reminder: when you start Nvu 0.50 for the first time, you're asked to 
>> issue a "ping" to our stats server. Please accept it. We store nothing 
>> but the time of your ping, the  are available to anyone, and it 
>> helps us counting how people have really downloaded and launched the 
>> application. Thanks a lot."
>> *Change Log*
>> * based on Mozilla 1.7.1
>> * 7-bit LZMA compression for a smaller windows installer
>> * better horizontal and vertical rulers
>> * colored source view
>> * selection preserved between Normal/AllTags/Preview and Source views
>> * BiDi control buttons now apply only at block level, as requested by 
>> users
>> * new buttons to attach/center a positioned elements
>> * toolbars reorganized
>> * Inline Spell Checker (thanks to Neil Deakin and the Mozdev Group)
>> * new preference for entities encoding
>> * if the caret is in the last cell of a table and the user presses the 
>> tab key, the new row now acquires the "style" of the previous last row
>> * a very "pinger" sends us a trivial HTTP request when the user 
>> launches Nvu for the first time, and of course is he/she is willing to 
>> do it; the stats are online here; privacy is fully respected, the only 
>> data we store is the date and time of the ping.
>> * fixed bugs in the resizers
>> * Typing in tables and nested tables was very slow in 0.41, this is 
>> now fixed
>> * Linspire version calls kprinter
>> * it's now possible to rename a file/directory in the Site Manager
>> * linux builds (including Linspire) don't need any more the -edit or 
>> -editor command line arg to open a URL; just give the URL in the 
>> command line...
>> * it's now possible to drag an image from the Site Manager and drop it 
>> onto the main editing window; other filetypes will generate a link
>> * XFN 1.1
>> * the preferences now have a Fonts panel
>> *Known Issues*
>> * colored source view is not dynamic yet
>> * if the selection is preserved between Normal and Source View, the 
>> Source View does not correctly scroll to show the selection
>> * if renaming a file/dir in the Site Manager fails because of file 
>> permissions, no error message is fired
>> Thank you, Daniel! :-)