From:  harvinder <>
Date:  17 Nov 2004 15:27:03 Hong Kong Time

Re: NVU 0.50 is out


I was looking for in-line spell check for my own application. Can you 
guide me, were in the NUV code can I find it.

Also, it doesn't underline the wrong word using wave style (like MS word 
does), that would be more intutive to users. another thing is if I am 
writing "Are" and I have written till "Ar" the code underline it, I 
think it would be a better idea to underline it only if user has 
finished typing the word. I know its lot easer said than done, but I 
believe it would be more helpful.

Another thing I noticed is the DIV element positioned absolutly. If I 
resize and take the right-bottom resize handle to near top-left, the 
result are not satisfactory. The contianed elements comes out of the 
resize box (or to say resize box is resized in correctly). I know this 
is a problem with mozilla code, but I don't know if anybody is looking 
at it.


Phil Hühn wrote:
> Ahmed Mohombe wrote:
>> Peter Lairo wrote:
>>> Go get it:
>> Just curious:
>> If NVU is openSource too, why aren't you developing directly in the 
>> Mozilla composer base code. This way, a lot of more users will have 
>> it, and test it.
> [Not wanting to speak for those who know better, but...]
> AFAIK, NVU is the stand-alone version of composer, much like firefox & 
> thunderbird are the stand-alone browser & mail applications in the 
> Mozilla family. (Of course they're much more than just a new gui....)
> But anyway, maybe it's much easier to develop NVU stand-alone?
> Having said that, I hope many of the NVU changes make it back into the 
> Mozilla trunk so they're eventually available in composer.