From:  Aakash <>
Date:  17 Oct 2007 19:47:28 Hong Kong Time

Does Mozilla ldap c sdk supports GSS-SPNEGO



I am using mozilla c sdk version 5.2.1. At present we are successfully
doing a ldap_sasl_bind_s with GSSAPI as a mechanism. Now we intend to
do the negotiation using SPNEGO.

I perform a ldap_sasl_bind_s by passing GSS-SPNEGO as the mechanism.
But when I feed the received sasl bind token to my
gss_init_sec_context call, it returns me an error saying "Invalid
token supplied"

It works successfully with GSSAPI as a mechanism.

I think mozilla c sdk uses Cyrus SASL internally. I was going through
the cyrus-sasl code but didnt found anything related to SPNEGO.

Can somebody confirm that whether it is doable or not ? Does mozilla c
sdk (including the latest versions) support GSS-SPNEGO

Thanks & Regards,