From:  Rich Megginson <>
Date:  10 Jan 2006 06:41:50 Hong Kong Time

Re: Developers: Proposed configure & Makefile changes


Dan Mosedale wrote:
> Rich Megginson wrote:
>> I'm going to be doing some work in the following areas, and I would 
>> like  to get some input from ldapsdk developers, and especially the 
>> mozilla and thunderbird developers to see how they build ldapsdk as 
>> part of those products:
> Sorry for not responding earlier; I see you've already got a patch 
> together, but I'll chime in here anyway.
>> 1) auto detection of nspr and nss, something like this
>  > [...]
> That seems quite reasonable.
>> 2) Packaging of NSPR and NSS libs
>> I don't think we need to do this anymore - I'd like to remove the 
>> packaging of NSPR and NSS libs
> No problem for us there.
>> 3) RPM packaging
>> We're planning to make the ldap sdk part of the base OS.  I'm 
>> proposing to name the package "mozldap".  There will be 3 packages total:
>> mozldap - contains just the shared libs (and any other run-time only 
>> files)
>> mozldap-devel - contains the include files and mozldap-config and .pc 
>> file
>> mozldap-tools - contains the command line tools
>> The shared libs will go into /usr/lib, the tools into /usr/lib/mozldap 
>> (so as not to conflict with the openldap versions), and the include 
>> files into /usr/include/mozldap (ditto)
> This might be a bit more complicated, since (I presume) on at least one 
> system (Solaris) the system mozilla-based LDAP sdk is in 
> /usr/include/ldap.  Perhaps Anton can confirm or deny?

The Solaris situation is quite complicated, but Anton and I are working 
on trying to figure out a way to solve this.  My new packaging is mostly 
geared towards linux.

> Dan