From:  "Thomas Ditmars" <>
Date:  21 Dec 2003 14:33:52 Hong Kong Time

Re: Talkback builds - are they any use?


Charlie Cook wrote on 18 Dec 03 04:42:

> I don't know if it's even worth asking here, but: do the talkback 
> builds provide worthwhile data?
> I also notice that they only seem to exist for the pre-release 
> versions of Mozilla. Why not have a talkback build for the current 
> stable version(1.5) ? The crashes which come from those are 
> undoubtedly the most difficult to track down - or else due to 
> hardware, etc.
> Sorry about the lack of email address, but in view of all the 
> nonsense in this group...

I forget where I read it, but here's the (un-?)official story as I
understand it:

The old Talkback servers were located on the group set aside for
Netscape, by AOL. As of a while ago, Mozilla no longer has access to
those servers, because AOL dissolved it's Netscape division, and those
servers were not part of the agreement between AOL and the Mozilla

Until new servers can be set up for Talkback by Mozilla or a donator,
the Talkback capability of Mozilla has been removed.
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