From:  Jason <>
Date:  12 Jan 2006 01:03:39 Hong Kong Time

McAfee wanting to help for issue


I had recently installed McAfee Managed VirusScan, which doesn't seem to 
work with Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5 beta or the official release. It did 
work well with McAfee Virus-Scan 8.0, though. After a couple of calls 
into McAfee, McAfee support person I talked to called me back and said 
they would like to work with Mozilla in getting Thunderbird and McAfee 
Managed VirusScan to work with each other.

I was given the support contact name, phone, and email address. They 
want all kinds of info, but I am just a support manager for a business 
who wants to switch to Thunderbird.

How do I go about getting McAfee and Mozilla Thunderbird to work with 
each other?

Currently the issue is a temporary program freeze when sending messages, 
and a ghost image of the composed message in the taskbar.

Thanks, if you could help...