Date:  11 Mar 2014 17:37:18 Hong Kong Time

2 problems..


..I have since a while using FF 27.0.1.

1. I have more than one browser window open and enabled 
the option to open FF with all last viewed sites. Then
I browsed for many days and didn't use some of the windows.
Now I have more than 4 windows open when starting FF but
there are at least 2 windows where I can not open new tabs
or go directly to another site by writing the domain name.
This bar looks now different as you can see in the screenshot.

2. After browsing a while the dropdown in FF doesn't work
anymore. This occurs on websites and even main menu of FF.

Is there something I can do to prevent the 2nd behaviour?
What happened that the 1st problem occured?

greetings from Saxony