From: (Michael Stemper)
Date:  04 Dec 2012 06:31:01 Hong Kong Time

Re: Bottom Banners, YUCK!

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In article <1hmw6xobwxnu9$.mz8xlok7zyv7$>, Michael Dobony  writes:
>I keep getting bottom banners covering up info, mainly Bing(not installed
>at all) and Yahoo. Any way to get rid of these undesirable intrusions? I
>have FF 5.0 on Win7.

FF 5.0? Wow. I'm running 16.0. Post some of the URLs that have these banners,
and I'll tell you if this problem still exists. Or, you might just upgrade
on general principles and see if it makes the banners go away.

Michael F. Stemper
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